• Robot Cleaner-Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Robot Cleaner-Vacuum Cleaning Robot

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    1. 14.4V.
    2. 25W.
    3. 2 in 1 (2 cleaning programs :vacuum+mop)
    4. Anti-collision, detection on floor
    5. Anti-collision,Washable filter,anti-drop anti-impede sensors
    6. Anti-falling system,Auto-stop when being picked up
    7. Working time&Charge time:35-45mins, 4 hours charge time
    8. Battery(mAh): 800mAh
    9. Dust Capacity: 0.25L
    10. Noise DB: 68db
    11. 32cm (diameter)*9cm (height)
    12. Nw:1.8kg, Gw:2.3kg

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